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UK Horse Racing

The UK is well known for extremely prestigious races that are popular world wide. In the horse race betting world these races are extremely popular. These races are popular not just with local spectators and bettors, but international ones as well. People will fly in from across the globe just to participate in the some festivals, and the ones who cannot afford to bet in person take advantage of a number of online betting opportunities. Some of the biggest UK races are

Grand National

This UK steeplechase event is the most well known steeple chase event in the world. A taxing race with extraordinary jumps attracts the best of the steeplechasing world. Horses from Ireland and France are common contenders in this race. Thousand of people flock to see this event, and hundreds of thousands of dollars are wagered worldwide on this race. The Grand National sees the most dollars wagered on it out of all horse races held in the UK.

Triple Crown

This trifecta of Grade I races is the inspiration for many Triple Crown series the world over. When it comes to people unfamiliar with horse racing, you can mention the Triple Crown and they’ll know what you’re talking about, where it’s held and usually the time of year. The three races that make up the Triple Crown are 2,000 Guineas, Epsom Derby and Saint Leger Stakes. People who do not typically bet on horses will come out for these races. They are three of the most prestigious races, and are extremely popular with spectators and bettors. Ladies’ Day is a big hit and “Derby Day” is celebrated world wide with people who cannot afford to attend in person dressing up and celebrating at a local track or at home.

Cheltenham Festival

This international festival is held over St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland and is well known for the rivalry between English and Irish contestants. The Irish and English horses do not typically race together very often throughout the season. People flock to this festival from miles around and it’s especially popular with the Irish spectators who revel in the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. This festival is wagered on world wide, and the Cheltenham Gold Cup is a race for horses 5 years and older, which is noticeably older than many other of the popular races worldwide.

1000 Guineas and Epsom Oaks

These two races are the filly’s equivalent of the 2000 Guineas and the Epsom Derby, both races in the much revered Triple Crown. These races are far more popular with the fillies who when they are entered in with the opposite gender are statistically less likely to win. These races in the past typically boasted smaller turnouts and smaller purses, but they have grown in popularity to the point where the Filly’s Triple Crown is catching up both in popularity and purse value.