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International Horse Racing

Horse racing has been popular in many international locations. The history behind these races sometimes dates back even farther than other well known races such as the Kentucky Derby. With online betting becoming more and more popular and countries worldwide embracing this market, bettors are discovering races to bet on that they may never have had the chance otherwise. Renowned in the racing circuit and loved by fans, these races are the most popular races of their countries. Big purses, big crowds, and lots of betting are definitely things these races have in common.

Dubai World Cup

One of the “youngest” races in the thoroughbred racing world, this cup was inaugurated in 1996. It did not appear on television until 2006. This race is held in Dubai, and was the brain child of the Ruler of Dubai. There are two different qualification ages for this 2000 meter race, which is very unusual. Horses from the northern hemisphere must be at least 4 years old, and horses from the southern hemisphere may be at least 3 years old. With a $10 million dollar purse, this is the world’s richest horse race.

Palio di Siena

This local horse race is held biannually in Siena, Italy. This race is quite different than more traditional races for a number of reasons. A pageant precedes the race, which is famous world wide. Spectators come from across the globe as much for the pageant as they do the race. Another big difference is the field is limited to 10 horses, and their jockeys wear colors representing local city wards. This race is more about a friendly rivalry and competition between the city wards than it is spectators cheering for a specific horse to win. Because this race is run bareback it is especially treacherous and it is rather common to see horses finishing the race… without their jockey!

Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe

This is a Grade 1 race held in France every year in October. This esteemed race holds the slogan “Not so much a race, as a monument!” This certainly describes the way this race is viewed by contestants and spectators alike. The Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe is the most prestigious race in Europe. Bettors have the ability to place wagers on the highest acclaimed horses in the world as competitors come from around the world. Only fillies and colts three years and older are eligible to enter. Geldings are excluded. This is the second richest horse race on turf. This race is a grueling 2400 meters for three year olds and up, with a very impressive purse of €4 million.

Indian Turf Invitation Cup

While horse racing may not be the first thing that comes to mind when people talk about India, this cup is the biggest race in the country. It is held every year in March, and rotates between the 5 biggest racecourses in India. This race is restricted to 4 year olds by invitation only. As the horses who are invited are already champions, this winner of this race is referred to as “the Champion of Champions”.

The Caulfield Cup

This race is for 3 year olds, with a $2.5 million dollar purse. Horses who race well in this cup may qualify to run in the Melbourne Cup. While it is not held in Melbourne, this cup is still organized by the Melbourne Racing Club. Very few horses have won this cup and the Melbourne Cup in the same year. This is called winning the “Cups Double.”