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Breeders Cup Grand National

The American Grand National is America’s premiere steeplechasing event. While it does not hold the same popularity as the UK’s Grand National, this is still one of the oldest and well respected events of the jumping world. The Grand National, however, changed it’s name and is now known as the Breeder’s Cup Grand National Steeplechase.

History of the Breeder’s Cup Grand National

The American Grand National was inspired by it’s UK counterpart. It has long since been the measure by which the greatest American jumps horses have been measured. It is the oldest American steeplechase and dates back to 1899. Many past winners have been inducted into the Hall of Fame. Steeplechasing has long since held the attention of spectators, and quite often uses the profits to benefit charitable causes. While steeplechasing is known for the danger present to both horses and jockeys on the more difficult courses, it does not turn away people from competing. In fact, this seems to draw the steeplechasing culture into an even more tight-knit family. Though purses can be quite generous, this sport is not as focused on the potential profit. Many steeplechases are run by or contribute to charitable organizations. The Breeder’s Cup Grand National’s 2011 beneficiary is the V foundation which focuses on cancer research. Over the last two years the Breeder’s Cup has raised nearly a quarter of a million dollars for this foundation. These monies are raised by donating a portion of profits, direct donations from spectators and bettors, as well as a small shop that sells limited edition Horse of the Year cups and a Lucky Charm necklace. The Breeder’s cup also continues to support charities more directly in line with steeplechasing, such as Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund and other equine charities.

About the Breeder’s Cup Grand National

The Grand National has been run at various distances, up to 3 ΒΌ miles. It is currently 2? miles long, with 14 fences. The Championship day has 7 races total, and while they have been held at a number of different locations the events are currently held at the Moorland Farms Racecourse in Far Hills, New Jersey. Due to an ebb in popularity, the Breeder’s Cup bought the rights to the race in 2000 an ran the race for a few years under the name Breeder’s Cup until the decision was made that including the name Grand National would pay tribute to the history of the race and carry on the tradition and prestige of the steeplechase. This race is open to qualified horses 3 years old. Horses may run nominated and non-nominated. The Grand National is held every October, and the 2011 meeting is scheduled for October 22, 2011.

The Purse

Horses may run in the Breeder’s Cup Grand National both as nominated and non-nominated. With a purse of $300,000 winning first place nets the winning horse nearly $100,000. This race pays out up to the 6th place, with the 6th place prize paying out nearly $10,000. There are nominator awards paying out the first three places. Non-nominated horses who qualified to run in the Breeder’s Cup Grand National by the amount they’ve earned in other jumps races do not compete for the full prize amount. The full day’s schedule of races boasts over $500,000 in prize money for all 7 races.