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Exotic Bets

If the thrill of the race and the shifting odds from the parimutuel betting wasn’t exciting enough, there’s even more excitement to be found in the ‘exotic’ bets. These bets are a little more complicated than the standard win, place or show bets, but the potential payouts are impressive! These may not be offered on every race. Make sure to read the race program to find out exactly what wagers are offered and what the minimum wager is.

Single Race Bets

Exacta/Exactor/Straight Forecast – For this bet to pay out, you must pick the horses that come in first and second in order. This is a hard bet to win but can be very lucrative.

Quinella/Reverse Forecast –– This bet is very similar to the Exacta Box and knowing the difference between the Quinella and Exacta can come in very handy . For this bet you must pick the two horses that finish first and second, order does not matter. This bet is commonly referred to as the “Poor Man’s Exacta”. This bet costs less than the Exacta Box, but also pays out less.

Trifecta/Triactor/Treble Forecast – This bet is very difficult. You must pick the horses who come in first, second and third in one race in order. This bet only pays out if you select the horses in exact order. Trifecta boxes are very popular with bettors however they can become very expensive. With good odds however, they offer a huge payoff.

Superfecta – This is an extraordinarily difficult bet to win. This bet can be very expensive compared to other bets, especially if you box or wheel this bet. For this bet to pay out, you must pick the horses who come in first, second, third, and fourth in exact order.

Multi-Race Bets

Daily Double – For this bet to pay out you must select the winning horse in two consecutive races. This bet is typically featured on select races, so be sure to check the program to see which races are offered.

Pick 3/Win 3 – For this bet to pay out you must select the winning horses in three consecutive races.

Pick 4/Win 4 – For this bet to pay out you must select the winning horses in four consecutive races.

Pick 6 – By far the most difficult of the multi-race bets, you must select the winning horses in six consecutive races. This is an expensive bet to play but if you hit the home run there is a very good possibily for huge payouts.

Betting Options

Boxes – To ‘box’ a bet, you betting on every permutation of the horses you choose. For example if you want to bet Horse #1 and Horse #2 on a $2 Exacta (you will say $2 Exacta Box 1 and 2), the total price of your ticket is $2. For this to pay out, the #1 horse must win and the #2 horse must place. If you box this same bet, the price of your ticket doubles to $4. Many types of bets can be boxed, but it is important to remember that every horse added to a boxed bet makes it more expensive.

Wheels – A wheel bet is great when you know which horse you want to bet to Win, but cannot choose between some or all of the other horses for place and show. There are two types of Wheel bets,
a partial wheel and full wheel. A full wheel is betting one horse coming in first or second, and betting the rest of the field. To bet this you would bet “1 and all” or “all and 1”. A partial wheel is simliar, except instead of betting all the horses on the field, you would choose a small selection such as “1 and 3, 4, 5” or “3, 4, 5 and 1”.

Key – A key bet very similar to a partial wheel as you aren’t betting all the horses on the field like a full wheel, only a small selection. To make this bet you will tell the teller “$2 Exacta Key #1 and 2, 3, 4”. This bet will pay out if the official results are #1 win and #2 place, #1 win and #3 place, or #1 win and #4 place. This option may also be used on other bets such as the trifecta and superfecta. A key bet is a partial wheel, except in key bets you always choose one horse you expect to win.