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Betting on Horses

Horse race betting can be intimidating to new players, and at times complicated even for long term fans. This site can help. The first hurdle for most new bettors is understanding parimutuel betting. Once the difference between parimutuel odds and fixed odds is understood, learning the ins and outs of horse race betting is a breeze.

Learning all the standard bets, and how to place your wagers online and at the ticket window will help you be comfortable and knowledgable when you start out. If you’re going to the track, you should check out how to read the race program. This will help you have the best advantage when placing your bets. For bettors who are proficient in the basics, there’s help learning the types of exotic bets that are available, as well as information on Tote betting for players who enjoy placing international bets.

Once you have mastered how to bet on horses you should look into where to bet on horses.