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Australian Horse Racing

With the internet so prevalent in online horse betting, bettors can wager on events around the world no matter where they live. Australia has a rich history in horse racing and the popularity of these prestigious races is only increasing with the ability for people world wide to bet. This world market has boosted these international races with competing horses flown in from all over the world and hundreds of thousands of dollars in wagers made on the most popular races. Some of the biggest Australian races are held during the Melbourne Cup festivities, but not all of them. Some, like the Inter Dominion Pacing Championship are moved to a new racing location every year. Here are a couple of the most popular Australian Races.

Melbourne Cup

This is the race that many people think of when referred to Australian horse racing. This massive international affair attracts hundreds of competitors every year. After a ballot system to determine the most qualified horses to run the field is whittled down to a far more manageable number. Horses are flown in from around the world for a chance to have the bragging rights of being the winner of this illustrious race. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are wagered worldwide on this event, and local businesses and civil employees have the day off to celebrate the race day, and many take this opportunity to visit the track even if it’s the only time of the year that they bet on horse races.

Crown Oaks

Also held during the Melbourne Cup festival a few days after the Cup, this race is the fastest growing in terms of spectators. This race is not held on the public holiday reserved for the Melbourne Cup this race sees over 100,000 bettors every year. This is only encouraged by the “Fashions on the Field” competition which mimics the “Derby Day’s” held worldwide to Ladies’ Day is a big hit and “Derby Day” is celebrated world wide at other tracks.

Victoria Derby

This race marks the beginning of the Melbourne Cup festival. With over A$1.5 million purse and a trophy worth over $10,000 this race may not be as popular as some of the bettors the biggest draw to this race day is Men’s Day. Races throughout the world will hold “Derby Day”s highlighting women’s fashion, and this derby celebrate’s Men’s Fashion. Every year the numbers of gentlemen competing for prizes for the most fashionable morning suits and women wearing black and white. These festivities have boosted attendance and betting numbers to record highs.

Golden Slipper Stakes

While the Melbourne festival does boast a collection of the most prestigious races in the Australian racing calender, they do not have them all. This stakes race is held in Sydney typically held around Easter. This is relatively short race, for 2 year old thoroughbreds. With a A$3.5 million dollar purse, this is the richest purse worldwide for 2 year olds.

The Caulfield Cup

This race is for 3 year olds, with a $2.5 million dollar purse. Horses who race well in this cup may qualify to run in the Melbourne Cup. While it is not held in Melbourne, this cup is still organized by the Melbourne Racing Club. Very few horses have won this cup and the Melbourne Cup in the same year. This is called winning the “Cups Double.”