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Advantages Betting Online

With online gambling on the rise it’s no suprise the options available for horse race betting online. There’s a number of places to place your bets online. Many people may wonder why bother placing bets online when they can simply go to the local racetrack and place bets on the same races.

Available Races

While your local track may show a great variety of satellite races, and even if you’re lucky enough to live within driving distance of multiple racetracks there is still no comparison to the availability of races online. When it comes to horse race betting, online bookmakers have the edge when it comes to sheer selection.

Online bookmakers can offer races that run world wide. This means thanks to time zones no matter what time you log on there is a great likelihood that you will find races that interest you. Different online betting sites will focus on different types of racing. For example, Sportsbook.com is a great place to place bets on harness racing in the US and Canada.

Ease of Use

Determining expected payouts can be difficult to players who are not yet familiar with track odds, or perhaps are not used to translating the decimal or percentage odds into fractional odds. A great benefit of betting online is that many online bookmakers offer the ability to switch between the odds layout that you are most familiar with.

When placing bets online it is also much easier to see the expected payout. There is no need to keep track of small paper tickets when horse race betting online. All the bets are kept track of in your profile and collecting your winnings is at the most a few clicks. Some online bookmakers automatically deposit your winnings. This is much simpler than trying to keep track of a small paper ticket and dealing with large crowds or long lines.

If you enjoy watching the actual race, many online sportsbooks offer streaming video so you can cheer for your horse the same as if you were betting on a satellite race at your local racetrack.

Deposit and Cashout Options

Online sportsbook make banking as simple as possible. You can load your account with a number of different options, from credit card, bank wire, check, money order, online e-wallets moneybookers, and the preloaded credit card Green Dot.

Withdrawing is also just as simple. Instead of having to fight with a long line and worrying about misreading or even losing a small paper ticket, your winnings are automatically credited to your account. These winnings can be withdrawn directly to your bank account, credit card, or a check mailed to your house.


Sportsbooks and racetracks have their own benefits, but neither of these places are going to offer free bets. Online racebooks sometimes offer “free bets” or a small bonus to their bankroll to try out their website. Other bonuses sometimes offered are matching your inital deposit, usually up to a certain amount.