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2000 Guineas

The English Triple Crown was the origins of the idea of the “triple crown”. Winning three back-to-back strenuous races is an impressive feat that only 15 horses have accomplished in the 150 years these races have run together. The 2,000 Guineas is the first leg of England’s Triple Crown race. Racing any Grade 1 race is a an extraordinary feat. The winner of the 2,000 Guineas is watched very closely in hopes that a new Triple Crown winner can be added to the history books.

History of the 2,000 Guineas

In 1809 the first 2,000 Guineas race was run. The 1,000 Guinea race is the “sister” race, restricted to only fillies. These two races have been very well respected for many years, but only since 2001 have offered equal prize money as fewer fillies have been entered in the 2,000 Guineas race. Fillies have entered and won the 2,000 Guineas in the past, but the majority of winning horses especially in recent years have been colts. These races are very early in the racing season, and are the first races of the season for many horses. The 2,000 Guineas race has inspired in a number of countries worldwide. This race is held in Newmarket, which has long been considered the heart of horse racing in England, and attracts a large crowd every year. This race is popular with families, and children under 18 are admitted to the Newmarket racecourse, and they have a number of activities for them to enjoy.

About the 2,000 Guineas

The 2,000 Guineas is the smallest of the three Triple Crown races. Fast paced and very short, this race is the first step in winning the coveted Triple Crown Title. The racetrack for this race is a straight turf track only 1 mile long. This is the shortest race of all three Triple Crown races. Horses 3 years old and up are eligible to race, however fillies are uncommon in this race and geldings are excluded. Typically held at the end of April and early May, this race is a favourite among bettors. This race attracts a great amount of attention, as there has not been a Triple Crown title taken in many years. Bettors and spectators alike get very excited over this race, which kicks off a whirlwind of gossip, speculation, betting, and sometimes even very large winnings!

Betting on the 2,000 Guineas

In all horse race betting there can be a big difference between the expected winners, the crowd favorites and the horse who actually wins. The Triple Crown races are notorious for longshots and upsets. The 2,000 Guineas is a benchmark race for the other two races of this series. There have been times a longshot has won, upsetting the favorite and definitely changing bettor’s opinions on the possible winners of the other two races. While this race is very popular worldwide and speculated on it doesn’t the same charm as other races. The high quality of horses enticed by the prize fund and even drawing the Queen’s attention, this race is about testing the mettle of the horses.

The Purse

The Epsom Derby is known as the richest race in England. It boasted an amazing purse of 1,250,000 pounds in 2011 and first place alone collected 709,625 pounds. Even with such an impressive purse, the prestige that accompanies a win is great, especially considering how often the Queen attends the Derby.